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How to camouflage a satellite dish

U.K.-based Sqish creates custom boxes that blend into the wall behind it.


There's not much good to say about a satellite dish sticking out from the side of your house. Depending on your part of town, it might either be stolen or the source of endless carping from aesthetically offended neighbors.

To deal with such urban complications, a few blokes who run a U.K.-based company called Sqish have come up with a solution that's either ridiculous or innovative--or ridiculously innovative, depending on your point of view. For about $300, they'll stick your satellite antenna in a compact box camouflaged with a custom sticker designed to blend into the wall behind it, according to Technabob.

The service is available only for U.K. customers at present, but perhaps Sqish will consider expanding if there's enough interest. There may, however, be limits depending on the theme of your abode.