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How to build the perfect shoe

eSoles' technology analyzes your feet in less than 5 minutes.


Having experienced podiatric problems ranging from fractured toes to the gout, we feel particularly well qualified to address this next piece of athletic technology (apologies for too much information). The item in question comes from a company called eSoles, which says it has developed a technology that can digitally analyze a foot in less than 5 minutes to help create the perfect-fitting shoe.

Its "Foot Imaging Kiosk System" is a one-stop diagnostic center that includes a touch-screen computer, digital scanner, pressure mat and even a printer. The company says a customer need only step on the mat and let the laser-imaging technology do the rest. When its exam is done, the kiosk spits out a ticket that details its analysis with specs for construction of custom soles, preferably on site.

eSoles says the system won't be available until the first quarter of next year. We take that to mean that we should refrain from any physical activity until then.