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How to block your ex from the Web

A browser plug-in called Ex-Blocker claims it can prevent any trace of your ex (or, presumably, anyone else) from appearing on your Web pages.

Relationships come. Relationships go. Sometimes relationships outstay their welcome. But that doesn't mean that scars aren't left and bruises aren't felt, in deep recesses, for days, nay, years.

So might I introduce you to a browser plug-in called Ex-Blocker? This fine invention claims to be able to remove all traces of your Tracy or Sam from the lifeblood of your Web experience.

The Ex-Blocker home page is a little light on how it might actually get rid of those who have caused you pain, grief, or merely bankruptcy of pocket and ideas.

However, at the time of writing, it boasts that it is busy removing more than 2,556 exes from the Internet. Which is volunteer work of a truly elevated nature.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

And the process of unburdening yourself from unwanted reminders of a day (or two) gone by is deceptively simple. The site asks that you provide your ex's first and last names, the address of his or her Twitter feed and Facebook page, as well as, naturally, the URL of his or her blog--the blog that may or may not refer to you as "the second coming of Pol Pot."

The blocker, the creation of a Web agency called Jess3, seems to have a preference for Chrome and Firefox as browsers, lumping IE and Safari into one lone, uncomfortable box called "Other."

However, what is, perhaps, most useful for the today's busy and confused human is that Ex-Blocker doesn't merely permit you to remove that ex with the body odor of Odin. Or the one that insisted on wearing your clothes, friending your friends, and following you to your local bar and photographing you for that eponymous blog.

No, you can block up to four people with whom you have strayed beyond the boundaries of happiness. I know that, for some, this might not be enough. But surely everyone has a hierarchy of dangerously bad liaisons that they would dearly love to forget on a daily basis.

Personally, I have not tried Ex-Blocker. But this is merely because I have come to terms with all of my mistakes, and, indeed, how much of a mistake I have been for others. Moreover, all my exes all live in Bogota under assumed names.

However, I know that many will be rushing to Ex-Blocker in an attempt to make their days and nights more tolerable. And I cannot wait to see just how effective this much-needed invention truly is.