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How to become a high-tech barista

Can technology make the perfect latte?

De Dietrich

If you have a caffeine habit that even remotely approaches ours, you've probably given at least a fleeting thought to trading in those Starbucks gift cards for your own espresso machine. And this latest model from De Dietrich is sure to make the idea all the more tempting.

Built-in espresso makers are nothing new, but the DED700X's technology seems to elevate the process to an art form. For starters, it has an LED screen, touch controls, and all kinds of digital indicators to help keep you from messing up. Just imagine: As many venti soy chai lattes as you can handle, available in the wall right above the microwave.

The only problem--and it's a big one--is the price, which weighs in just shy of $2,100. Then again, at our rate of consumption, we should probably get a return on the investment in a couple of weeks.