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How to beat a social-networking-meets-celeb-dirt metaphor into the ground

Inside the creation of the meme that is 'Facebook equals Brangelina.'


I don't think you could quite say that Valleywag's Owen Thomas and I have started a meme yet, but we sure have been having fun with elaborate comparisons of Facebook to the tabloid phenomenon that is the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie union. Unfortunately for the Web 2.0 history books, we both claim to have been the first to think of the analogy. But, as in the now-high-profile ConnectU vs. Facebook trial, there were no contracts signed and no paper trail created, so perhaps we'll never know for sure. Consequently, I believe that I gained the upper hand by being the first to vocalize it on cable news. (Video here.)

But this time around, Owen beat me to the punch. His latest, pertaining to Facebook's minor security mishap this past weekend, which exposed the site's front page source code to a number of users: "Facebook is the Brangelina of tech, and Brad and Angelina just got naked." CNBC's On the Money just started to resemble Access Hollywood a teensy bit more.

Click here for the video. Watch me crack up! Hilarity ensues!