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How to bamboozle Sprint

A former sales rep tells you how to pull the wool over Sprint's eyes.

Sticking it to Sprint

After years of hidden fees and nearly unbreakable contracts, wouldn't you love to stick it to your wireless carrier?

A former Sprint sales rep tells the folks at the Consumerist six ways to save some dough when dealing with the third largest wireless carrier. Some of the hints involve deception, or are just plain false, but there are a few choice nuggets.

One of the better tips says to buy your phone at the end of the month when the sales reps are itching for activation commissions and may be willing to cut the price on some handsets. Additionally, the tipster said to call customer service to cancel everything that's not required in your contract because the retention specialists can offer you great deals if you ask (beware though, this can also extend your contract). I've found that the closer you are to your contract expiring, the more leverage you have with getting deals.

The ex-employee even suggests a trick for getting out of those dreaded early termination fees. Simply switch to e-billing, and change your address to an area the network doesn't cover. The former rep said Sprint will then cancel your account without an early ETF. Sure, that's sneaky and we wouldn't do it, but it's interesting.

Finally, there's the Sprint Employee Referral Offer, which was designed to give a nice discount ($50/1250 minutes/7pm nights/unlimited vision) to friends and families of Sprint employees. You'll need a Sprint employee's e-mail, but you can get that off a sales rep's business card, the rep said. Once again, the Crave folks are not endorsing this, but it would be entertaining to see if these actually worked.