How the Copyright Alert System works

Internet service providers are cracking down on illegal file sharing, apps connect with Google+, and there's a way to tweet when you're dead.

It's legal to share CNET Update:


If you use a peer-to-peer network like BitTorrent, then pay attention to today's Update video. I offer a quick explanation of what Internet service providers will be doing to discourage customers from sharing copyright-protected music, movies and television shows.

Also in Tuesday's tech roundup:

- Apps and websites are now letting users sign in with a Google+ account, as well as share activity with circles.

- Get ready to be annoyed by hundreds of new Internet domain extensions, like .cadillac, .vegas and .app.

- The Guardian reports that all games on the PlayStation 4 will be available to download.

- Be among the first to tweet from the afterlife with LivesOn, launching in March.

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