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How Steve Jobs wanted to surprise 1 millionth iMac buyer

According to a new book about Apple, Jobs wanted to put a golden certificate inside the 1 millionth Mac sold. Yes, just like Willy Wonka.

Just imagine the joy. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Over the last year, there appears to have been some considerable focus on the idea that Steve Jobs might not have been a perfect human being.

This, generally, has pleased those who are.

So it is lovely to redress the balance a little with a tale from Ken Segall's new book "Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success," which came out today.

It seems that the folks at MacRumors sat up all night reading it. For they came up with the story of what Jobs wanted to do for the buyer of the 1 millionth iMac. Yes, for them, not to them.

Inspired, perhaps, by Willy Wonka, Apple's CEO wanted to put a golden certificate inside the 1 millionth iMac box. Whoever bought it would have the price refunded and be flown to Cupertino for a tour.

Where Jobs would meet them in top hat and tails.

No, I have not be imbibing strange, dark chocolate. This is what the book says. Indeed, he was only thwarted in his quest to plumb the Depps of amusement by California law.

It states that entry to sweepstakes should not require the actual handing over of money. Which, in the way that California gets sometimes, rather ruined all the fun.

Jobs wanted to meet a real fanboy. Or at least someone who chose to buy Apple products.

And so a fine, altruistic idea was tossed into the trash.