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How Sherlock Holmes would charge his iPhone

"Woodie" hot rod restorer offers up beautiful selection of handmade docking stations and case covers for a variety of Apple products

Old Time Computers

Though perhaps not quite as ornate as that steampunk computer desk from last month, the handmade iPhone and iPad docking stations and iMac and MacBook case covers at Old Time Computers are more accessible, at least for the moment.

A side project of Etsy user and old-time hot rod restorer woodguy32, the Old Time Computer items are all limited edition. According to the Web site, "they all take a long time to build, so they will not be in production. This is just a hobby and something I enjoy and put my heart into."

Old Time Computers

Prices range from $42 for a pleasing wood-and-brass iPhone docking station, all the way up $899 for a steampunk-flavored LCD and keyboard set. In between you'll find iMac case covers, iPad docking stations, as well as various other items, all with various finishes and reasonable prices.

We've seen other attempts to make technology accessories from traditional materials, but few as attractive as these. We hope after the initial run that woodguy32 might at least consider producing a few more. Head over to the Old Time Computers Web site to see the full selection.