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How much would you pay for a 110-inch Ultra HDTV?

Now selling in South Korea, Samsung's new big-screen TV will soon travel to other countries. Price tag? $150,000, says the AP.

Samsung's first 110-inch ultra high-definition TV.
Samsung's first 110-inch ultra high-definition TV. Samsung

Got room in your home for a 110-inch Ultra HDTV? If so, Samsung has a new model that should be headed your way early next year.

On sale starting Monday in South Korea, the 110-inch television is Samsung's largest UHD TV, roughly the size of a king-size bed. The TV's resolution of 8 million pixels is four times the level of detail found in standard HDTVs.

Samsung didn't reveal the price in its press release, but the Associated Press pinned the cost to consumers as $150,000. A Samsung spokesman told CNET that the TV would be available in South Korea, China, and the Middle East starting December 30 and in the US as a special order in the first quarter of 2014.

The TV could find a home among "VVIPs", as Samsung puts it. Of course, they'd need the right amount of space and money. But the company is also targeting the set to government agencies and other organizations that need a really big screen for video conferencing.