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How much Turkey Day stuffing would fill your house? Find out here

The Movoto bloggers are at it again -- this time calculating not how much stuffing you need to feed your house guests, but to fill your house itself.

See below for the real thing. Movoto

With Thanksgiving now just a day away, you no doubt have a few things on your mind. Will there be enough gravy? Will my pie turn out OK? Will Grandpa Joe let loose with those inappropriate jokes again?

But the folks at real-estate site Movoto have something even bigger on their minds regarding Thanksgiving -- as big as your house, in fact. They've created an online calculator that will tell you just how many boxes of Stove Top stuffing you'd need to fill your domicile to the brim. That's one way of keeping company away, eh?

The calculator was created by Movoto writer Laura Allan, who figured out that 1 cubic foot equals 119.7 grams of stuffing and that each box of Stove Top makes 3 cups of the stuff.

You can find the calculator below, or you can click through to Allan's humorous post, which offers up some interesting facts about stuffing generally and Stove Top specifically. If you visit the post, be sure to scroll down to the bottom to check out the "Bonus Stuffings" list, where you'll find interesting tidbits like the fact that it would take almost 1.5 billion boxes of stuffing to fill the Empire State Building and that it would take about 123 million hours to cook it all up. A tall order indeed.