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New smartphone offers military grade security...for $16,000

The newly unveiled Solarin offers mighty encryption for an ever mightier price tag.

Sirin Labs

How valuable is the information on your phone? If you think it's worth over six digits, Israeli start-up Sirin Labs just announced a smartphone for you.

The Solarin costs £9,500. After tax and conversion, that's roughly $16,500 or AU$22,700. The selling point of the phone is its KoolSpan military-grade encryption and Zimperium-based threat detection.

"Our core consumers are international business travellers that spend much of their lives on the move," company co-founder and CEO Tal Cohen said at the product's launch, according to CNN. He later warned that hacking "is something that can happen to any one of's just a question of if you're targeted or not."

The Solarin houses a 5.5-inch LED display with a 2K 2,048×1,080-pixel resolution screen. On the back is a 23.8-megapixel camera, and its sound system boasts three bass-boosted speakers. The phone is also said to be the first to use WiGig technology, which allows for speeds of up to 4.6Gbps.

That all sounds impressive. But, then again, $16,500...