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How much are web icons worth? A lot if you're Font Awesome 5

The Kickstarter campaign for an updated version of this icon and CSS kit has already surpassed it's goal by over 700 percent with over a month to go. But it's the video that's truly awesome.

Dave Gandy's Font Awesome, an open-source kit of icons with Cascading Style Sheets to implement them for web designers, has a large and growing following, so it's no surprise that after a few years an updated version would be well received.

The overhaul, dubbed Font Awesome 5, that Gandy wants to finance through a Kickstarter campaign adds a lot of welcome fine tuning. There will also be a new -- though not free -- Pro version with features like scalable (SVG) icons, icon font ligature (so that type looks more professional) and more than 1,000 new icons.

The campaign, which started this week, already surpassed its $30,000 goal by more than 700 percent: The campaign has pledges of over $218,000, and I'm watching it increase even as I write.

Even if you're not into web design, watch the video. It's great.