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How LawBreakers plans to stand out from Overwatch, Battleborn

"We don't want to make a game that will be lumped in with the cartoon style from our competitors."

Not only did Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski's new PC game LawBreakers drop its free-to-play business model, but the title also changed its art style to be more "mature." Now, developer Boss Key has further explained why that change was made, saying in a blog post that in part it should help the game stand out from other similar games such as Blizzard's Overwatch and Battleborn from Gearbox.

"As our game began to evolve throughout 2015, so did our game's identity," Boss Key said. "We were discovering what pillars represented Lawbreakers and how to translate those pillars into the game."


Here is a recap of the major changes, as written by Boss Key:

  • A R-rated experience: We are putting the cartoon characters to bed. The adults are here to cause violence and chaos. We don't want to make a game that will be lumped in with the cartoon style from our competitors. LawBreakers is a bloodsport.
  • Fine-tuning our art style: The practicality of our characters and their weaponry have been adjusted to create a more realistic experience.

Additionally, the size of some of LawBreakers' weapons have been scaled down, while the color palette has been altered and some map elements tweaked to be more functional. Check out the comparison images below to get a better idea for how things have changed.

LawBreakers is currently in development as a PC-exclusive and will launch through Steam. It's possible the game will come to consoles later, but no official announcements have been made. For more on Lawbreakers, you can see the game's PC specs here.


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