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How hot is pepper spray, anyway?

Police-grade pepper spray isn't your mama's mace, and it makes a jalapeno look like a bowl of ice cream, according to this infographic.

The spray seen 'round the world at the UC Davis "Occupy" protest inspired one of the more awesome memes of the year, but just how dangerous is that police-grade pepper spray?

The infographic team at Online Criminal Justice Degree seized on this moment to answer that question. Turns out the nasty orange spray is 1,000 times spicier than the common jalapeno, and more than twice as potent as the consumer pepper spray you might carry around with you.

Click on the excerpt below to see the full image and find out just how safe (or not) the stuff is, as well as what to do if you ever get sprayed yourself (hint: don't rub, and always carry milk and soap to all acts of civil disobedience).

Turns out police-grade pepper spray is that can of whoop-ass people are always talking about. (Click for the full infographic) Online Criminal Justice Degree