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How Google could make its own version of the Amazon Echo

The search giant is said to be working on a rival to Amazon's smart speaker. Meanwhile, it also just cooked up a handy iPhone keyboard -- but didn't release one for Android.

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It would make sense for Google to create its own version of the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Recode reports that the company has been working on a voice-controlled hub for the home. This new hub could take the form of an updated OnHub Router, or maybe it'll find a place in the Nest family of products. Don't count on it being ready in time for next week's Google I/O Developer's Conference. (But that doesn't stop us from thinking about names to call Google's assistant.)

Meanwhile, Google is making its Android users feel left out with a new keyboard app it just released on the iPhone. The Gboard app (no, not this Gboard) packs multiple search tools inside the keyboard, so you don't have to jump between apps while chatting. Keeping you in the world of Google may also be why the YouTube app is rolling out its own messenger service:

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Watch out, Alexa! Google might be making its own Echo (CNET Update 5/12/16)