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How expert uses Skype to help men attract women

Marni Kinrys calls herself the Wing Girl. She wants to help men be more attractive to women. So she sits with them on Skype to gauge where they might be going wrong.

It's almost a week since Valentine's Day and there will be many men who still haven't gotten over what happened on Monday.

Somehow, their date didn't go as planned. Somehow, their date went home, as wasn't planned. Somehow, they are beneath the dumps and desperate for help.

Perhaps, then, they should fire up Skype and talk to Marni Kinrys.

Kinrys is every man's wing girl. She's a wing girl with a method. She calls it the Wing Girl Method. And a highly technological method it is.

The Wing Girl's purpose in life is to help men become more attractive to women. I fancy that, with regard to some men, this might be impossible. However, the Wing Girl believes that she just needs to sit down with a guy on Skype to see where he's going wrong.

This shows an interesting level of confidence. She has been pushing her Wing Girl Method since 2004. And I sense she might be slightly more gentle than the rather forceful lady on "Millionaire Matchmaker" who once threw a client out of her office, accompanied by several expletives.

The Wing Girl told me, though, that she doesn't offer a saccharine coat.

"I'm not out to fix women," she said. "I tell it like it is--telling men how women DO work, not how they SHOULD work. What women really want, not what they say they want."

But she can't really tell it like it is without seeing how her clients really are. So she gets them onto Skype and examines their manners, their mores, their molars, and their mangled attempts at charm.

Though she's not a trained psychologist, the Wing Girl has a rather more exalted credential. She was recently voted "The World's Best Female Pick-up Artist" at the World PUA Summit. Oh, yes. Pick-up artists have their own Davos.

But where, when she skypes them, do men go wrong?

"Women and men everywhere are equally confused with the opposite sex," the Wing Girl told me, to my great relief.

She continued: "The men I talk to on Skype are not strange, pocket protector nerds who are clueless about women. They are awesome, good looking, successful men who just don't seem to get where they keep going wrong with women."

The Wing Girl has such confidence in her video analysis that she explained to me precisely which fences men fall at.

The first felt rather ominous: "These men have not established boundaries with women."

Ah, so they think these women are their sisters, employees, or mere playthings? They get a little fresh, even over Skype? This is a problem.

However, she tried to offer more hope with her second observation: "They tend to fall into the 'too nice' category because they don't realize they can be great without being a pushover."

I am sure many of you have fallen into that category without even realizing it. You give your date everything, and when you drop her off at the curb, she kicks you to it.

But the Wing Girl wants you to understand that, even though you may be in Russia, Spain, or Egypt (three of the Wing Girl's more successful markets), you just have to believe a little more.

"These men don't acknowledge that they are attractive, even though they have attractive qualities," she told me.

The more I listened to the Wing Girl's wisdom (and I have embedded her "Help Me Eyes" YouTube video for you to judge her style), the more I realized that many men might be terribly successful, but see nothing in themselves that a woman might desire.

She believes the fact that they are confident enough to share their problems face-to-face, even from far away, shows that they are not without hope. And not without $169 for an hour of Skype chat.

The Wing Girl gives them an mp3/MOV movie of their performance with her, so that they can see for themselves who they really are, perhaps for the first time. She even sets them assignments for follow-up sessions.

My only fear is that some of them, so desperate to impress their Wing Girl, decide to do their homework on Chatroulette.