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How Donald Trump might install a 'Surface'

This multimedia table is fully customizable, including a finish in 23k gold leaf.

Kufner Futures

It's probably safe to say that, even when Microsoft eventually ships its "Surface" touch-screen tabletop computer, it won't be destined for the average household. In fact, if the "Interactive Media Wall" is any indication, it might be seen only in mansions for awhile. That's why we think the insufferably named "_able" multimedia table from Kufner Futures would be an appropriate complement: Not only can it accommodate various sizes of screens and computers, but it can be made of "any material of your choice: glass enameled, printed, stone, wood"--including 23k gold leaf, according to BornRich. By the way, the table is fully customizable and can be ordered with just about any computer desired, not just the Surface. But there's yet another reason that makes it ideal for a residence of the rich and famous: The reinforced tabletop is "completely partyproof."