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How do you make a PSA go viral? You blow up some kids

An extraordinary Australian PSA, intended to encourage kids to stay in school, uses shock tactics perhaps never seen before.

The joy before the blood. HneryAndAaron/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET
Editor's note: Please see the update note at the bottom of this post regarding the alleged foundation.

Kids, you should stay in school.

Unless, that is, you've already sold your social abacus to Yahoo. In which case, I recommend the Turks and Caicos Islands.

On the other hand, Yahoo can't buy every teen's little startup, so you might have to stay in school, so that you can become CEO of Yahoo one day and buy teens' little startups.

Kids don't always want to stay in school, so that means adults have to find new ways to encourage the idea.

The Learn For Life Foundation of Western Australia decided to mine the world of video games or horror movies or war movies. Or something.

For here is a PSA that begins as a poem to the delights of youth.

Some kids are taking off from school to go to the beach. Who needs a school uniform when you can have a bikini?

And then, well, I suppose my headline gave a little away.

But you ought to watch till the end and then examine the deep symbolism (and, hopefully, humor) that's embedded in this cautionary tale.

Life is full of landmines. They can explode at the most unexpected moments. Especially when you're hanging out with beautiful people.

It's clear that this ad has got the world thinking about the importance of school. Or, perhaps, about the crazy video in which kids get blown up and blood-spattered.

Launched on Wednesday, it has already, at the time of writing, enjoyed more than 1 million YouTube views.

I fancy it will do as much for Western Australian tourism as it will for keeping kids in Western Australian schools.

Who wouldn't want to go to a place with such beautiful people, sandy beaches, and unexpected excitement?

Updated 12:14 p.m. PT: It appears that this video may have been something of a ruse by the filmmakers. The Learn For Life Foundation of Western Australia's Web site has links that currently don't lead anywhere. And the filmmakers do enjoy comedy.