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How do you like them Apple-branded apples?

This guy is why I'm always reserved when I'm asked about my iPhone.

Apple apples

Some of you may have heard of a thing called the Apple iPod. Today, an apple farmer out of Japan brings you the iPod Apple. By placing hand-cut stickers of the Apple logo or a silhouette of an iPod on the fruit, the farmer gives these special apples "tan lines" that show love for his favorite consumer electronics brand.

I've been accused of being an Apple fanboy many times before (and, more recently, a Zune fanboy), but even I wouldn't go so far as to Apple-ize my food.

And being that the crown jewel of Cupertino is so litigious, the Japanese farmer might want to consider trading some of those apples for an attorney. I mean, Steve won't let that logo go on just anything these days.

(Source: Weird Asia News via Geekologie)