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How do you hire good employees in Latin America?

How do you hire an employee far from the company's home base, especially in Latin America?

I'm asking the question about how to hire well in Latin America because of Red Hat's success in Latin America, as well as my own company's download rates and incoming leads from Latin America, but it could very well be generalized to, "How do you hire employees in areas where your company has no physical presence?"

I don't know. For months I've been meaning to hire a pre-sales engineer/consultant down in Brazil or Argentina, but I haven't the first clue as to how to find someone capable of working alone so far from the rest of the company's operations. If I wanted to do near-shore open-source development, I'd look at North-by-South, but I'm looking for full-time employees here.

In the US, Alfresco is widely distributed, but we all live in the same country. (Well, some of us live in Utah, some in Texas, and some in California, but theoretically they're the same country. :-)

We have people scattered throughout (Western) Europe, too. But this is different.

Anyone have a good experience hiring in a country far from most of your company's operations? Perhaps more particularly, anyone know if there are "gotchas" (tax laws, etc.) to hiring in Latin America, particularly Brazil and Argentina?