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How do I unlock the UK O2 iPhone?

How do I unlock the UK O2 iPhone?

I really want an iPhone, but I'm not sure about the O2 contract offered with it. Is there any way I can unlock it and use it with my own SIM?


The UK iPhone will launch with firmware version 1.1.2, which hasn't been hacked yet -- so you won't be able to unlock the iPhone straightaway. A hack will probably turn up sooner or later, but be careful before you try anything.

It's unlikely that Apple or O2 would be happy that you've hacked your iPhone, and by doing so you will most likely break its warranty. There's also the risk that not all the features will work on the iPhone once you've hacked it. Another issue is that you'll have to wait for a hack every time you upgrade the firmware.

Hopefully O2 will change its pricing structure at some point in the future, making it more affordable. Until then it's going to be a cat and mouse game, so I'd recommend you wait for the price to drop.