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How big is YOUR bowl?

Fish bowls by Roger Arquer help shift your perspective on life.

Roger Arquer

Did you grow up hearing that fish will grow as big as their bowl (or pond or ocean)? So that if you keep that carnival feeder fish in a tiny bowl it will stay tiny, but if you put it in the pond it'd get even larger? Well what about letting the FISH choose? With these nested "Russian Dolls" tanks, suddenly it is in the fish to choose whether they want to get bigger...and bigger...and it looks like at a certain point there is no turning back! (Although it can still see where it came from at all times.) Really, it is all a metaphor for life as we know it...cleanly and gorgeously abstracted to the world in the fish bowl

Roger Arquer's latest project, entitled Fish Bowls, presents 15 variations of the standard fishbowl... As Dezeen's article says, "Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to an issue," says Arquer. "'Dear Neighbour' (above), for example, tells us about the delicate relationships we have with our close neighbours, 'Suicidal Tendencies' prevents your fish from committing suicide, and 'Russian Dolls' (below) gives your fish a chance to decide how big it wants to be. I once read that a fish grows according to the space it has, that's what inspired me in this case." A few more bowls to get you started below...

'Pure Life' tells us about purifying the water directly when refilling the bowl. Roger Arquer

'Do Not Piss Me Off,' which tells us about the power to decide between the life and death of the fish. Roger Arquer

'Above Water,' tells us about sharing the water between the fish bowl and the plant. Roger Arquer