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How being an Apple fanboy can threaten your cat

In a sweetly absurd video, a man shows the extreme depths that can be plumbed when you become a little too adroit at Apple's iWork and iLife suites.

A thinking fanboy's cat. Jeff Henderson/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I feel sure that the number of corporate hours lost to workers sitting and watching YouTube videos has a severe effect on GDP.

I would, therefore, like to contribute to that.

Here is a video, which Cult of Mac saw on Reddit, that shows the unexpected consequences of becoming a little too committed to Apple's software.

You might think that there are only garlands and rainbows when your commitment to Apple borders on the fanatic.

This video disabuses you of such absurd notions.

For here is an Apple fanboy who believes he is so proficient with iWork and iLife that nothing can interfere with his high life.

He clicks with Apple's software to such a degree that it's like an additional limb.

He creates, he performs, he tabulates.

It is the last of these that ends up destroying the perfection of his life. For he discovers that Winslow the cat takes up 74 percent of his budget. It seems that true Apple fanboys don't spend their money on girls and boys, but on hairy felines. Well, whatever does it for you.

Here, though, Apple's software reminds the masterful fanboy that Winslow smells unbearably.

I will leave you to discover for yourself whether this tale has a happy ending, or whether this particular fanboy decides that his iLife is suddenly not worth iLiving.

When making a commitment, one should always be sure that the person or object to which one is dedicating one's feelings is truly worthy of emotional investment.

Because once one invests emotions, one is never the same again.