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How an IT guy used his watch to take sneaky pics of co-workers

An IT guy reveals to a female office employee that he takes covert images at work by using the camera on his watch. She is not amused.

Most IT professionals are fine human beings, especially as they often hold the workings of modern capitalists gently within their hands.

However, as in any profession, there are rogues who wish to use their skills for nefarious ends.

A story has reached me of one such gentleman. I won't betray his place of employment, save to say that it is in a large corporation in New York.

I will, though, betray his simple method of, well, amusing himself. He takes pictures of the ladies in his office with his watch. His gentlemanliness is such that he takes these pictures without them knowing.

What he does with them is still open to conjecture. However, it seems that his watch is the SVP MW09.

How can I possibly know this? This particular IT guy thinks there's nothing wrong with wandering around the office taking covert pictures. Perhaps he even believes it's part of a subtle seduction technique.

Oddly, last week he thought there was nothing wrong with admitting to one of the subjects of his covert photography what he is doing.

Slightly less oddly, she threatened him with a right hook that would have propelled him out of a 30th floor window.

Furthermore, she demanded he show her the pictures he had taken, demanded he delete them, and even demanded that he tell her the precise make of the watch--so that, it transpired, she could send the details to me.

She did ask that I preserve her confidentiality, which I have respected. She decided to deal with this, as they say, internally. Equally, she also asked that I might make others aware of the possibilities that these no doubt fine pieces of technology offer to the unscrupulous.

She told me: "How do I know what kind of pictures he already has and how long he's been doing this?"

Indeed, who knows what other images this gentleman might have taken and in what circumstances? And who knows whether this was an isolated case or whether there might be other office types prone to this sort of amusement?

Clearly anyone in any place of work could buy one of these watches.

I therefore pass on this information to anyone who happens to espy any apparently intelligent male lurking without--or even with--intent and wearing one of these devices.

Gadgets often hold within them powers that even their creators might not have considered.

So, as you wander into your office tomorrow morning, admire everyone's watch--and then check it for a hidden camera. Just, you know, for fun.

Updated 6:36 a.m. PT: to correct any impression that this post is some sort of criticism of all IT guys. Which it isn't.