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How a Nano can keep your pants on

It's a 'Tunebuckle,' of course.

Shiny Shiny

Before you trash that busted gadget, ask yourself this: How would it look strapped to my waist? Don't laugh--it could be the next fashion trend.

Little did we know that a broken Mac mouse was only the beginning when a graphic artist turned it into a belt buckle. Now, the concept has progressed to a working iPod Nano in the form of the "Tunebuckle," a clear case that can be worn without compromising access to the device's controls, Shiny Shiny says. Once again, our distinct lack of fashion sense has been proven beyond doubt. (Twice in one morning, in fact.)

Aesthetics notwithstanding, we think this accoutrement merits praise for one simple reason: It's not called the "iBuckle."

Update: Our eagle-eyed colleague Jasmine France notes that CNET actually reviewed the Tunebuckle last year. Bottom line: It's fashion over function. No surprise there.