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Housing zoom: NSW Globe brings real estate prices to Google Earth

A new Google Earth plug-in will let NSW residents drill down into data on historical house prices in their street and suburb, making it easy for property buyers to visualise detailed stats for free.

NSW Globe maps property price data into Google Earth. NSW Government

The NSW Government is tapping into the mapping powers of Google Earth to create a searchable map of NSW property prices, opening up access to 14 years worth of historical data for free.

Launching today, NSW Globe is an easy-to-navigate map that visualises changing property prices since the turn of the millennium, allowing residents and investors to review historical data at a glance or drill down into block-by-block details on specific properties.

There has been no shortage of headlines on property prices in recent months, with Sydney's housing bubble drawing particular focus from real estate analysts, deep-pocketed investors and frustrated first-home buyers. But until now, historical pricing data drew a heavy price, with interested buyers having to pay the Government or third parties for access to the information in order to inform their property purchases.

With the launch of NSW Globe, the NSW Government says it has moved to "bring property information services into the digital age."

NSW Globe runs as an add-on to Google Earth and allows users to navigate through the navigate through the aerial imagery of Google's powerful mapping tool, with the option of overlaying details such as suburb and block borders, land values and valuation information.

In addition to offering 2.5 million land valuations across the state in map form, property buyers can also download data on house and apartment sale prices across different streets and suburbs from the last five years.

NSW Globe can show property price data on a block-by-block basis. NSW Government

According to NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property, Dominic Perrottet, the opening up of property sales data dating back to 2001 will be invaluable to NSW residents.

"The NSW Government recognises that in a booming property market, buyers and sellers are entitled to accurate and accessible land and property information," he said.

"When used in conjunction with other important government data, such as property information, land valuations and Census data, the people of NSW can now make affordable and informed choices when buying and selling property."

To access NSW Globe, you'll need to download Google Earth (or update to the latest version) and download the NSW Globe add-on from the NSW Government's website; you'll also find a full tutorial on set-up on the site. When Earth is up and running, you'll be able to select and deselect different data points to show on the map, alongside Earth's usual features of landmarks, 3D buildings and even weather.

The NSW Government will also be making the full data set available to third parties such as and in October, so we can no doubt expect more maps and visualisations to come.