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House of Reps to start accepting online petitions

​Forget -- it's time to *represent* in this representative democracy of ours!


The House of Representatives wants to hear from you, and it's going digital to do it.

Thomas Kuhlenbeck/Getty

Whether you're campaigning for civil rights or you just want the government to put Coke in the bubblers, the House of Representatives will now accept online petitions lobbying for national change.

It's all part of a move to revitalise Australia's petition system and to help do away with the time-consuming work involved with processing paper petitions. We can't help but feel it also fits in nicely with the government's bid to move into the 21st Century and digitise public service. Malcolm "Innovation" Turnbull would be proud.

All you need to do to file an e-petition is go online to fill out a form, outlining the "terms" of your petition (what you're asking the House of Reps to do) and explaining why you'd like it to happen. You can also trawl the Parliament House website for other petitions to "sign," by providing your name and a verified email address.

But despite the move towards digitisation, change in Parliament House still clearly takes its time. The process to get digital petitions into the 45th Parliament has been in the works since 2015, and the website is yet to be activated (the House has to consider changes to standing orders to allow for e-petitions to be tabled).

But House Speaker Tony Smith said the new system will "make it easier for members of the public to petition the House."

Coke in the bubblers for all!