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Hotz wheels: iPhone hacker trades it all in for a Nissan 350Z

Teenager who hacked iPhone trades it all in for a Nissan 350Z

Hotz drives a bargain CNET Networks

What would you give to get your hands on the world's first unlocked Apple iPhone? How about three more 8GB iPhones plus a Nissan 350Z? That's the price for which overnight teenage tech celebrity George Hotz, who unlocked the iPhone enabling it to work on any network, has agreed to part with his hacked gadget. According to his blog, Hotz accepted the offer on Saturday from Terry Daidone, the founder of cell-phone refurbishing company Certicell. If only Hotz had held out for a BMW or an Audi, he could have used his new ride to play music from one of his new phones. We're pretty confident that the whiz kid might be able to figure out a workaround for his new Nissan, though.

Via Autoblog