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HotWired Dissects <i>Time</i>

If you're still miffed over the great Net smut debate, check out HotWired's take (at on Time magazine's recent cyberporn cover story.

This multifaceted postmortem titled "JournoPorn" starts off with an editorial decrying Time's all too obvious "anti-populist" leanings, and then moves on to an in-depth interview with Philip Elmer-DeWitt, author of the Time article.

In the interview, Elmer-DeWitt defends the timing of the piece, which he claims was coincidental. The cyberporn issue, which featured a wide-eyed tot presumably staring at a PC tube (could just be a Cap'n Crunch hangover after watching too many Saturday morning cartoons), hit newsstands just in time for Senator James Exon to wave it on the Senate floor.