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Hoth Sweet Home: 'Star Wars' AT-AT lawn ornament

Transform your snowy yard into the Battle of Hoth from "The Empire Strikes Back" with this AT-AT lawn ornament from ThinkGeek.

Relive your favorite Battle of Hoth moments from "The Empire Strikes Back" with this extra-geeky AT-AT lawn ornament. ThinkGeek

It's easy to pretend you've defeated Darth Vader's evil Empire by recreating the Battle of Hoth in your yard with this "Star Wars" AT-AT lawn ornament.

This exclusive ThinkGeek creation and officially licensed Lucasfilm AT-AT measures approximately 15x6.4x7.5 inches and is made from durable resin so it can withstand both snow and sun.

It retails for $39.99 plus shipping and handling, available for the US and Canada only.

If you worry about Rebel scum stealing your AT-AT from your yard, you can always display the fallen AT-AT on your desk as a constant reminder of one of the most exciting battles of the "Star Wars" saga. No need to stop there, give your room a complete Hoth theme with this AT-AT lawn ornament, a wampa-head wall trophy, tauntaun sleeping bag and a Wookiee skin rug.

The possibilities for how to show off your AT-AT are endless. Some ThinkGeek commenters suggested adding the AT-AT to a geeky nativity scene or using it as a geeky scarecrow to ward off rabbits from a vegetable patch.

Here's hoping ThinkGeek will also sell tauntaun and wampa lawn ornaments for a complete Hoth yard makeover.

Add some Hoth to your workspace with this adorkable AT-AT. ThinkGeek