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HotCans bring the heat to on-the-go canned food

Revolutionary can design features self-contained heating for cooking food on the run

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Camping enthusiasts, lunch packers, and people who avoid cooking of all types have something to celebrate. These HotCans provide a way for you to cook meals on the go without the need for microwaves, stoves or ovens.

The technology relies on an exothermic chemical reaction that takes place when you follow the instructions. After piercing the outer layer and opening the lid, your can of food is ready to eat in only a few minutes.

As convenient as the idea is, it'll most likely have trouble taking root in markets that focus on the more central aspects of dining, like cost or taste: the intended price will be $8, and the fare isn't that much better than the stuff you can find in a standard can for less than a dollar. Maybe it's just me, but if I'm going to be eating franks and beans, I'd rather do the extra work and cook it myself to save the price difference.