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Hot water on the road

The Smart Pot To Go Portable Heating Appliance makes life easier on long road trips. Or, for getting a quick caffeine fix.

I'll take mine to go please.
I'll take mine to go, please. TYNKE

Just because something looks dangerous doesn't necessarily means that it is. When it comes to kitchen gear and its associated contrivances, often a machine that looks like it is always at the ready to poke, prod, or cut, is altogether harmless when the instructions are followed. And then there are other devices that look innocuous, but could pose a hazard if used without caution.

Really it is the potential for hazard that sets the Smart Pot To Go Portable Heating Appliance apart. I mean honestly, if I don't get my caffeine in the morning, nobody is safe.

Of course, with a 20-ounce capacity and a 6.5-foot power cord that plugs into most 12-volt adapters, the appliance is not all about hot drinks in the fast lane. Well-suited for camping or for (parked) truckers, the gadget would certainly be useful for heating up ramen or other necessities. Any long road trip has its share of moments that require quick sustenance. The ability to heat up some quick caffeine or get a hot cup of soup would definitely be a lifesaver. As would pausing to stretch the legs and get the pitcher out of the trunk.

(Via OhGizmo!)