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Hot spots for illicit downloads

Broadband pirates in Britain tune in to hottest U.S. shows. Also: Hackers try end runs around Microsoft, Napster copy protection.

roundup Broadband pirates are keeping busy in Britain, tuning in to the hottest U.S. shows. Also: Hackers try end runs around Microsoft and Napster copy-protection technology.

Britain a hotbed for illicit TV downloads

U.K. fans unwilling to wait for U.S. shows like "Desperate Housewives" turn Britain into world's biggest market for pirated TV.
February 17, 2005

Microsoft fixes potential antipiracy hole

Japanese programmers spotlight flaw in Redmond's antipiracy protections, but the company moves to block the hack.
February 16, 2005

Napster hack leads to free downloads

Subscription music services battle ability to turn copy-protected downloads into unprotected files.
February 15, 2005

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Court: Hollywood gets P2P giant's server logs

Judge shuts down LokiTorrent, as the MPAA launches a new round of suits against film swappers.
February 10, 2005

Movie blackout for P2P networks?

Philips, others are developing ways to identify and block movies being traded on peer-to-peer networks.
February 10, 2005