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Hot dogs on the brain and in the toaster...and a <i>barking</i> steamer to boot

So many hot dogs, so little time. Two hot dog contraptions featured in honor of ongoing National Hot Dog Month. A toaster for two, and a barking steamer.

Hot Dog Toaster The Lighter Side

I've had hot dogs on the brain all week. Yesterday, I posted about a Kwik-E-Mart style rotisserie griller available for home use and the day before I was all about a hot dog vending machine. Maybe it's because it's All-Star week, or because July is the official high tide of hot doggery. The Fourth of July weekend is the big hot dog day with an estimated 155 million dogs devoured. Whatever the reason for my hot dog affliction, there's no reason to stop celebrating as it is National Hot Dog Month after all.

Combination appliances abound, but it is rare we see one that masquerades as another. It appears there are at least two Hot Dog Toasters on the market. Unlike the griller from yesterday, this ambitious little toaster has a proper bun-to-dog ratio going for it. Pop two dogs along with two buns and within minutes you'll be set for two-fisted dog goodness. You can get 'em for $19.97 here, or $49.95 here. It's up to you to decide if a time setting is worth the extra bucks. Both come with removable grease/crumb trays.

Hero The Hot Dog Steamer Hero The Hot Dog Steamer

For those that need a little more encouragement to get to their dogs when done, the Hero the Barking Hot Dog Steamer might be just what you need. (It appears I'm not the only one currently obsessed with hot dogs as the little guy is on sale this weekend). I know, it can be hard to remember the dogs that you left in the toaster, so this device will help remind you by barking when they are done. It steams the dogs (don't forget to add water) in about 10 minutes and actually 'barks' when they're done. No more forgotten hot dogs! (As if that ever really happens).