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Hot dogs forever

The Motorized Hot Dog Griller brings endlessly turning hot dogs to your backyard grill.

Hot dogs keep on rolling. Brookstone

There is a certain way to eat hot dogs. Or rather, there is a preferred combination of ingredients that make for the perfect hot dog. What that particular combination may be, nobody can tell you. Sure, they can offer you suggestions; but it all comes down to enjoying hot dogs based on individual preferences. When that magical combination is found, then hot dog eaters tend to go back to it time and time again. No matter if you like them classic-style with onions, mustard, and maybe sauerkraut, or if you prefer a more pile-it-on approach and use all the condiments in the house, you are going to need a way to cook those dogs.

There are seemingly as many way to prepare a hot dog as there are things to put on it. They can be grilled, boiled, fried, held over an open fire, and, of course, nuked. There is one popular method that hot dog eaters everywhere enjoy, yet it is rarely seen in the home: the eternally rolling grilled hot dog.

The Motorized Hot Dog Griller is an automatic rotisserie that attaches to your grill. Featuring an adjustable raised surface, the 8.5 inch by 12.5 inch cooking area supplies endlessly turning hot dogs right from the grill. More often found in convenience stores and sporting stadiums, the motorized grill accessory brings home that special flavor that only a rotisserie can provide. Luckily, with this home version you have complete control over your hot dogs, and can safely dig in without wondering just how long has that hot dog been there.