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Hot dog rotisserie begs for summer

The Electric Hot Dog Turner provides automatic operation for outdoor grills. The electric rollers make it easy to enjoy a backyard cookout.

Hot dogs spinning through the seasons.
Hot dogs spinning through the seasons. The Sharper Image

The sights, sounds, and smells of summer are never far away when it comes time to enjoy a hot dog. The tubular treasures have the ability to transport our senses into the backyard, the ballpark, or beyond. All it takes is a little heat.

How to apply said heat to hot dogs is not the only question. Also of concern is the attention that any cooking method requires. Luckily, hot dogs require very little attention to cook. And even less with the Electric Hot Dog Turner from Sharper Image.

The motorized rotisserie grill gadget adjusts both vertically and horizontally, making it an ideal solution for practically any backyard cookout. Mimicking the mechanism that keeps hot dogs endlessly rotating in the local convenience mart, the grill accessory keeps the good times rolling with a minimum of intervention. (While being a whole lot tastier, too.) Constructed of stainless steel, the contraption cleans up easily--just pop it in the dishwasher.

Hot dogs have a way of appealing to our senses as more than just the meats in tube form that they are. Topped with any number of ingredients, they have the capability to transform as well as to transport. From plain mustard to sauerkraut, the endless varieties of toppings mean that we can always customize our dogs exactly to our liking. When spinning in place automatically while on the grill, they also have the ability to free up time for spending with family and friends in the backyard.

Now only if it were summer.