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Hot deal: Western Digital Passport 160GB external hard drive for $88

We found a great deal to address your portable memory needs.

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We've seen this compact portable hard drive listed at up to twice the price. Today Dell Home offers it for 88 bucks, shipping included, when you pay with PayPal. Easy setup, light weight, compact size and great speed make this a convenient solution for non-Mac users.

To quote CNET Reviews:

The good: Compact; bus-powered; quick at reading and writing; includes sync and encryption software; comes with a zippered, hard carrying case.

The bad: Sync software works with only Windows XP and 2000; phone support may eventually become expensive.

The bottom line: Western Digital's Passport Portable External Hard Drive lets you take a lot of data on the road for a low price.

What: Western Digital Passport 160GB external hard drive
How much: $83.39 if you pay with PayPal
Shipping: $5
Where: Dell Home (via Logic Buy)
When: Through unknown date
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