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Hot deal: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T20 for $220

Ultracompact, highly-rated point-and-shoot camera is offered at a substantial discount.

Sony DSCT20 Cyber-shot camera CNET Networks

With the holidays, as they say, "upon us," you might want to take a bunch of pictures. They're useful for reminding yourself how grandpa looks passed out on the lounger post-turkey, staying in touch with family, and proving that you have friends documenting good times.

If you want an easy point-and-shooter, this might be a good way to go. It's an ultracompact camera with great reviews and a nice discount. Offered elsewhere at $300, it's available at Butterfly Photo for $220.

What: Sony DSC-T20 Cyber-shot digital camera
How much: $219
Shipping: Free
Where: Butterfly Photo
When: Through unknown date
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