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Hot deal: Philips Bluetooth MP3/phone headphones, $18

Connect your MP3 player and phone audio in one fell swoop, on the cheap.


For those who are iPhoneless, for moral or fiscal reasons, wouldn't it be cool to use the same headset for talking on the phone and listening to music? And what if it muted the music for the duration of the call? You wouldn't have to switch devices when you're walking along engrossed in the Brandenburg Concerti and your broker calls to say sell, sell, sell! You won't have to undo one set of headphones and reload a second pair just because your mamita calls you in the midst of Fat Joe's 1993 classic, "Shorty's Gotta Fat A**."

This, my friends, is technology at its most socially important.

Today Woot is offering this modern marvel at an 80 percent discount. See below for details.

What: Philips Bluetooth MP3/Cell Phone Headset VOX340/17
How much: $12.99
Shipping: $5
Where: Woot
When: One day only
Click here for's product overview of the Philips VOX340.