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Hot Deal: Nokia N800 Internet tablet, $240

Sleek, responsive, fast and discounted--What more could you ask of an ultramobile computer?

Nokia N800 Internet tablet CNET Networks

Can't live without ultramobile access, great speed and free phone calls? Here's a great price and the answer to all your compulsions.

Listed elsewhere at almost $400, the does-it-all teeny Nokia N800 Internet tablet is offered at at a reduced price. (With that Google checkout thing, it's even less.) Skype, surf, schedule and send e-mail. This lustworthy gizmo does everything but pick up the groceries. Oh wait, if you text your list to a grocery delivery service to get them to bring the food to your house, then yeah, it does that too. And it's not that much bigger than a deck of cards. Did I mention the pop-out Webcam?

So while you're avoiding the iPod Touch bandwagon, livecasting, chatting internationally for free, or whatever, heed CNET Reviews' Bonnie Cha and enjoy the N800's "integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for accessing the Web on the go...outstanding browser...sleeker design, gorgeous screen...VoIP support, instant messaging, RSS news reader, media player and dual expansion slots."

What: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
How much: $239.99
Shipping: Free
Where: (via LogicBuy)
When: Through unknown date
Click here for CNET's product review.