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Hot deal: Motorola A1200 smartphone, $278 shipped

Here's a hefty discount on the highly-rated phone which doubles as an impressive business machine.

Motorola A1200 Ming smart phone CNET Networks

J&R is offering this well-liked smart phone for more than a quarter off its usual price. The A1200, also called the "Ming," does everything but pick up your dry cleaning. You can scan business cards and automatically add them to your contact list. You can view Power Point, PDF, Excel and Word files. You can take a video up to two hours long, write notes on the color touch screen, listen to MP3s or the FM radio, and, oh yes, make phone calls. Its smoky translucent cover is also pretty unique, which, in combination with its appealing pearl-red color, makes the Ming a great-looking and highly competent digital companion.

What: Motorola A1200 'Ming' smart phone, red, unlocked
How much:$269.99
Shipping: $7.45
Where: J&R Electronics (via Fat Wallet)
When: Through unknown date
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