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Hot deal: Mechanical severed head for $68

Need a gross-out prop for your haunted house? Look no further.

A real head-turner
A real head-turner FrightProps

Small children, folks of a delicate constitution, and persons suffering from PTSD: you may wish to stop reading now. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Perfect for your next Halloween party or reenactment of the French Revolution, this utterly disgusting severed head hangs from the ceiling, rotating slowly to display all its festering glory.

Choose from two: seriously nasty Severed Head #1 or completely repulsive Severed Head #2.

Wickedly unwholesome entertainment or a timely reminder of mortality? You decide.

What: Slowly rotating mechanical severed head
How much: $54.99
Shipping: $12.95
Where: FrightProps
When: Through unknown date