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Hot deal: JBL HTI-55 2-way in-wall speaker for $100 shipped

We came across this huge discount on a JBL speaker and couldn't resist sharing it with you.

JBL HTI-55 2-way in-wall speaker CNET Networks

While patrolling the tubes in search of bargains for our loyal readers, we came across this deal on our own sister site, CNET Shopper. Normally listed between $200 and $350, this Harman/JBL speaker is offered today at $100, including free shipping.

The speaker is meant to deliver JBL quality sound in a compact package--it mounts right in your wall. J&R recommends it for house parties and rich-audio movie viewing, since its dual 5" bass drivers push out the bass nicely and its 1" tweeter is on a swivel. So you could pack your living room with a couple of these and enjoy your J-Boogie grooves all night, then bring yourselves to consciousness with everyone's favorite Transformers movie in the morning, without ever missing a moment of nice fat audio goodness.

What: JBL HTI-55 2-way in-wall speaker
How much: $99.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Where: J&R (via ShopGrok)
When: Through unknown date
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