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Hot deal: Amazing floating house for $4 mil to $5 mil

Housing crisis got you down? Nautical technology comes to your rescue.

The ultimate mobile home
The ultimate mobile home Underwater Vehicles

With housing prices what they are in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of our readers may be looking for other options. Don't move out of town--stay in the this awesome floating house.

Underwater Vehicles, maker of commercial subs, portable decompression chambers, and the like, has a series of beautiful, highly impractical, semi-submarine dwellings by Italian naval architect Giancarlo Zema. They all feature space-age design and submerged underwater viewing platforms. The Trilobis floating home, in particular, is also geared for greenness, with hydrogen fuels, solar panels, and photovoltaic windows to keep down fuel costs. Your new abode can reach 7 knots of speed. It's not suitable for ocean crossings but is instead intended for exploring coves and inlets. This whimsical/practical lodging solution seems particularly well-suited for luxury seaside tourist destinations, marine scientists, and fans of The Life Aquatic.

What: Trilobis 65 Habitat
How much: $4 million to $5 million
Shipping: Unknown
Where: Sub-find