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Hot coffee starts with hot cups

Haier's espresso/cappuccino maker lets your heat your cups before you fill them.

My mother-in-law has been visiting for nearly seven weeks. (Why, yes, I am the world's greatest wife, thank you!) And every morning she watches me prepare my cappuccino and winces as I fill my cup with boiling water and dump it out. It makes her crazy to see me waste my 6 ounces of water, but it makes me crazier to put my lovely espresso into an unheated cup.

Some like it hot, and this espresso machine delivers. Haier America

Although family harmony may not have been Haier's goal with the HPE20SS Espresso/Cappuccino Maker, it could work wonders in my home. The machine has a dome-covered warming and storage area where you can place the included cups to properly heat them before you make your drink. Why, you ask? Well, once espresso has been pulled, i has a short life span. It's best served piping hot, and if you pour it into a cold cup, you've shortened the drink's life by a few moments. And that's just mean.

Haier's machine uses a 15-bar pump system, which means it pumps water through the ground espresso at high pressure, and a motor does the work for you. This, in turn, translates to better tasting espresso with a delicious crema (that's the tan-colored foam) on top.

This espresso/cappuccino maker also has a large 20-cup water reservoir, so you can make shots for your friends without having to stop and refill the water every third cup. The steam nozzle is easy to position properly, which lets you maneuver in tight kitchen spaces, and you can also adjust the steam output for more or less froth in your milk.

If your Starbucks habit is bankrupting you, but you can't imagine life without your daily cup o' goodness, Haier's machine is an affordable option that doesn't compromise on features.