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Hot chocolate without a stove

No matter who's making the hot chocolate, the Hot Chocolate Maker is great.

Hot chocolate can be a favorite treat for kids--but I wouldn't trust most children near the stove to make their own, especially with any of the standard tools for frothing hot milk and chocolate. That doesn't mean that kids need constant adult supervision if they want to make some hot cocoa for themselves, though. The Hot Chocolate Maker from Plow & Hearth is a battery-operated hot chocolate pot that doesn't need a stove to combine chocolate and milk into a tasty treat. It requires two AA batteries to power the frother that whips the chocolate and milk together. The ceramic pot includes a lid to keep those hot drinks contained during the frothing process.

The Hot Chocolate Maker comes with recipes--although you can just as easily use your preferred recipe for hot chocolate. The pot is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup simple. The side of the white pot reads 'Gourmet Hot Chocolate' and its handle makes it a cute touch for any kitchen. The Hot Chocolate Maker is priced at $24.95. While it does not come with batteries, you can purchase a two-pack from Plow & Hearth for $1.95--or go to your local store.