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Hot and steamy: LG will bring its Styler steam closet to the US and China

The South Korean electronics giant will roll out the Styler wardrobe, which cleans clothes with steam rather than water and detergent, in China and America in the next month.


In its quest to smarten up every appliance imaginable, LG will soon be introducing its Styler wardrobe to China and the US.

The Styler is an alternative to traditional washers: a closet that steam-cleans clothing that's hung inside without the use of water or detergents. According to the Korea Herald, it'll be rolled out to China this week and America in the next month.

South Korean electronics giant LG introduced the high-tech wardrobe in its native country back in 2011. There, it's used in hotels, airports and casinos in addition to the homes of wealthier residents.

According to LG, widely known for its TVs and smartphones, the "hot steam spray technology" removes 99.9 percent of germs and odorous bacteria. The Styler also has a Moving Hanger Action function, which removes wrinkles from clothing.

The Styler isn't the first home appliance from the multibillion dollar company to make news this week.

On Monday LG unveiled the SmartThinQ Sensor, which attaches to and smartens up compatible home appliances. For instance, attached to a washing machine, it'll notify the user when the load is done. It can also turn a smartphone into a remote control for ovens and air conditioners.