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Hot and bothered over spam

Net heavyweights look to the government to help combat junk e-mail. Also: Yahoo attaches antispam to outbound messages.

Antispam efforts come to the fore as Yahoo tacks a new tool onto outbound mail. Also: Using politics to sell products.

Yahoo takes on spam, boosts e-mail storage

Company on Monday will begin using Domain Keys e-mail verification technology to fight spam.
November 15, 2004

Elections spice up spam

Presidential vote proves a popular theme for junk e-mail, as U.S. holds onto its spot as top spam producer.
November 15, 2004

Amazon, others lobby FTC for help fighting spam

In an open letter, 35 organizations call for a more rapid rollout of e-mail authentication tools.
November 15, 2004

Police arrest phishing mob suspect

A suspected Russian mobster is believed by U.S. law enforcement to be behind a series of phishing scams.
November 11, 2004

Should Microsoft own antispam?

Tech experts hash out how to better block spam. Some don't care which standard is adopted as long as it frees people's in-boxes.
November 9, 2004

$1 million bond set for alleged spammer's freedom

Virginia judge sets bail for North Carolina resident Jeremy Jaynes at $1 million, arguing that Jaynes is a flight risk.
November 9, 2004