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Try to survive this 4-hour supercut of horror movie screams

Aaaaah! Yaaaargh! Eeeeek! Every scream imaginable makes an appearance in Shudder's never-ending "Stream of Screams."

I tried and I failed. I hit "play" on a four-hour-long supercut of horror-movie screams called "Stream of Screams" and I didn't last very long. There are some quality screams on display, but the unrelenting yelling wore me down about 20 minutes in. Maybe you will have better luck.

Guys howl. Scream queens wail. Fake blood pours. Creatures writhe in the darkness. This isn't the sort of thing you watch for fun during a slow day at work. This is the kind of video you put on in the background when you're hosting a Halloween party.

The supercut is a Halloween-themed publicity ploy from AMC-backed horror streaming service Shudder. You can also check out the more palatable 15-minute version featuring screams from 100 movies. The films included in the video are available to stream on Shudder. These range from the well-known ("Hellraiser," "Ichi the Killer") to the more obscure ("Frankenhooker," "The Mutilator").

The four-hour cut will test your mettle and your endurance. It's bloody, it's loud and it's perfect for die-hard horror buffs.